Thông tin dự án


Architects: Vschool

Area: 2.400 m2

Year: 2021

Photographs: Robbie Nguyen

Structural Engineer: Nguyen Vu La

Interior Designer: Tran Minh Thien


Text description provided by the architects. 2-9 International Kindergarten is located in Tan Phu District, 2-9 International Kindergarten is a north-facing project with the main structure of reinforced concrete, glass walls, combined with a curtain system. Sun surrounds the school’s front and west side. The green tree system on each floor helps to create a feeling of freshness, both reducing the amount of heat impacting the building’s walls in hot weather, and creating space for the green plant system to photosynthesize and metabolize.

The main color system used in the building is white combined with green patches, making the building modern but still gentle and creating a clean, fresh and fresh feeling. With this design concept, 2-9 International Kindergarten will provide a cool, healthy environment and make the most of natural light for the development of skills in children.

Ground floor with open space, using transparent walls, overlooking the garden and swimming pool. The idea of ​​integrating a garden array creates a pleasant atmosphere, unaffected by the weather outside. The idea of ​​a swimming pool, also to serving learning, also contributes to creating a microclimate for the building, to create an environment close to the outside nature.

The school’s library includes a rich data system, diverse learning spaces, this place is connected to the lobby, helping to create a spacious space. The library is also a place for children to learn and play at the same time.

About the design of classrooms and function rooms of the school for children, all use open space. 70% of the bordering walls of the common space are glass walls, limiting separation and being able to see through the wall to create a feeling of openness. Open space helping children not see too much separation between the space inside and outside the classroom, and at the same time allowing children to communicate with each other and interact with nature more.

The interior system uses imported, friendly oak wood to create the best conditions for children’s health.

2-9 International Kindergarten is a project with elements associated with sustainable development, harmony with nature, luxury, always creating the best values ​​for children.