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Architects: Vschool

Area: 8.000 m2

Year: 2022

Photographs: Ha Guong

Structural Engineer: Nguyen Vu La

Interior Designer: Nguyen Thi Hong Ren


Text description provided by the architects.Located in Phuoc Yen residential area, Phu Quoi commune, Long Ho district, Vinh Long province. Nguyen Phuc Bilingual School with a total area of ​​8000 square meters, next to 3 roads, including blocks of football field and primary school, green landscape, sports field, swimming pool and ancillary works. Nguyen Phuc Bilingual School provides a space for children to learn while playing, develop and improve.

Coming to Nguyen Phuc School, students will get used to the modern, high-standard and high-quality environment. Thereby, the expectation of quality of life as well as work will be raised over time. When they grow up, no matter what environment they work in, whatever role they play, they will have certain standards of themselves, creating a strong motivation for capacity development.

The lobby has the appearance of a surf boat that is always ready to take the children to the shore of knowledge. The lobby combined with the indoor play area includes light and physical games to create a playground for the children during recess and after school hours. Swimming is also one of the important survival skills indispensable.

“Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles”. The school library facilitates students to develop a reading culture with a rich database. Evolving online reading platform. Students at Nguyen Phuc school can study and relax while receiving music with a decorated music room, equipped with a variety of instruments from traditional to modern.

With the criterion of creating the best conditions for students to promote, practice their talents, overcome their own limits. The art room at Nguyen Phuc school is decorated, with many tools and stylish colors rich. The hall room with a large capacity, modern sound and lighting system will be a place for the children to perform and conduct collective activities.

The multi-purpose sports area creates conditions for students to improve their health. The school’s canteen area has a modern and airy style, has a view of the river, a rich menu, ensures to improve the quality of health for generations of students. Teachers will apply the group teaching method to create shared cohesion among students in a designed and creative classroom space.