Thông tin dự án


Architects: Vschool

Area: 7.500 m2

Year: 2021

Photographs: Robbie Nguyen

Structural Engineer: Le Minh Viet


Text description provided by the architects. The current school designs aimed at an open and multi-purpose space, which can be used for many different school activities. To do this, the school needs to divided into several small clusters of schools to create self-governing spaces, giving students and teachers a familiar and home-like feeling. These design requirements created a new type of architecture, architecture became a pedagogical discipline.

Depending on the façade area and the ratio of daylight, Vschool alternates different shades of red, from orange to deep red, combined with arranged bricks, creating an architectural style. rustic, natural but also full of sophistication. According to different functions, the school complex is divided into 5 separate areas that are interconnected including: a teaching area, a laboratory, a library, a sports field and a central area that can be used. for many different activities, connecting with other functional areas by a system of corridors extending along the campus.