Thông tin dự án


Architects: Vschool

Area: 5.500 m2

Year: 2022

Photographs: Ha Guong

Structural Engineer: Le Minh Viet

Interior Designer: Daovanmuoinho


Text description provided by the architects.As one of the largest community colleges in Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Polytechnic College has recently enjoyed a strong, groundbreaking development from its historic foundation. Saigon Polytechnic College is part of a transition plan and marks the beginning of the school’s transition from a working campus to a residential, multi-campus college culture, flourishing. This 40-classroom project is conceived in three distinct parts: the western residential area, the eastern residential area and a common area known as the “hub”.

In the main part of the building, located upstairs lounges have views and gatherings. Glass bridges connect the east and west wings on each floor and provide a quiet space for study and reflection. Community-oriented ground floor spaces are distributed throughout to allow students from diverse backgrounds to connect, relax and thrive. The ground floor spaces also connect to the central community area that has become the satellite of the student union. The public roof deck and rooftop amphitheater boast some of the best Northwest views in the area.

A gourmet canteen is also included and provides both residents and working students a lively place to gather and dine. The orientation of the cafeteria allows students to watch football matches on campus during the spring and summer months. Like the cafeteria, the hall itself has emerged as a living, sustainable “scholar community” and a vibrant platform for the new campus culture. A sports field extends beyond the center, serving not only as an outdoor gathering space but also as a way to celebrate sustainability.