Thông tin dự án


Architects: Vschool

Area: 9000 m2

Year: 2021

Photographs: Ha Guong

Structural Engineer: Le Minh Viet

Interior designer: Nguyen Thi Hong Ren

Text description provided by the architects. Vschool’s designers hope that children can interact and have as much fun as possible. So teachers can lead children to experience life with a safe corner. The main view within the locations avoiding tall trees and combined with the gentle sloped terrain. The rich surface terrain to the kindergarten helps to provide a different entertainment exeripence. If the first space is the penetration of the architectural environment into the building, the second space is the cohesive space created by the architectural design itself.

The entire courtyard space integrates with the professional classroom, while the public space and outdoor playground are combined. The flat roof platform offers great landscape views. On the basis of safety, combining the roof garden to create an aerial playground, bringing into full play the landscape advantages of the land next to the riverside park. The setting of different vegetation, landscapes, play spots, asphalt runways, highlights the characteristics of the children’s play kindergarten. The facade of the building adopts the form of free horizontal window opening to ensure most light. Through the combination of blue glass panels and wrapped in orange frames, lovely and vivid images of kindergarten are formed!

In the monochromatic color of the building, gray used as the main background color of the building façade. The orange frame used as a decoration. While the enhanced color of the children’s teaching space and ancillary buildings, used to separate the floors and add color to increase the recognizability of each floor. Several veneer boards are selected to give children a comfortable feeling when using them.

Nguyen Khuyen Kindergarten is the first public space that children come into contact with growing up. The atmosphere of the kindergarten architecture has a great impact on children’s perception and understanding. The activity space of the kindergarten should not limited to physical space but should reflect the concept of education through construction, and this is also a challenge for architects. How to explore the relationship between architecture and the environment? The construction of the courtyard space and the discovery of the “third space” in the kindergarten architecture, to expand the rich activity space is the problem core in the design of this school.