Thông tin dự án


Architects: Vschool

Area: 6000 m2

Year: 2021

Photographs: Ha Guong

Structural Engineer: Nguyen Vu La

Text description provided by the architects. Primary school with canteen, library, sports hall and kindergarten. The previous site has become too small due to the increasing number of children studying. So, on the south side of the building, a new building for the primary classes, including a kindergarten and a sports hall. From there, the school building stretches for 100 meters along the route with a trunk line that bends at several points. The classroom floors open onto the sunny schoolyard, forming an asymmetrical comb-shaped structure. This makes the building appear as a row of five separate houses. The volume of the building is large with a capacity of more than 1,000 children.

The recreation hall satretches along the school grounds, from which it is accessible to public areas such as the library, canteen, music room and seminars. They grouped around small courtyards, which can also used as outdoor classrooms or reading gardens.

All the extra rooms are on the noisier side of the road. The classrooms on the upper floors all face the courtyard. Access is via stairs in individual houses and a footpath from the railway side.

The facade design consists of a series of colored concrete frames. Different frame widths, color, shades, projections and slight recesses give the facade a more sculptural appearance. Both the inside and the outside are designed and exaggerated.

On the closed rail side and at the arena, frames appear inside large plaster areas. In the school grounds, there is a promenade between the school and the building, as well as sports and recreation facilities with green Tartan surfaces and wooden outdoor stands.